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Grander Investment Management, LLC
Mortgage Servicing Rights

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Grander was established by Robert Williams and Curtis Whitaker in 2017. With a combined 60 years of experience in banking and capital markets, they identified the opportunity for a niche player in the MSR space. Establishing a master servicer is not simple, however; over three years, they acquired the state and federal licenses and permissions in order to purchase master servicing. Significant funds been invested in the effort to date to ensure that the technology, documentation, policies and procedures are in place to meet regulatory expectations and to be able to meet seller due diligence requirements. Today, Grander is licensed as a seller-servicer in 21 states and is able to act as master servicer in another 25 states and is an approved master servicer for Freddie Mac (FHLMC) loans. We are in the process of being permissioned for Fannie Mae (FNMA) master servicing and have obtained HUD and VA approval as part of the process of ultimately obtaining Ginnie Mae (GNMA) approval.

Grander and our related entities

Grander consists of several related entities engaged in sourcing and managing mortgage servicing rights on behalf of institutional and high-net worth investors

- Grander Investment Management LLC (“GIM”) is the asset manager which oversees the sourcing, pricing, portfolio management, and hedging (when deemed appropriate) of MSR assets purchased by Grander Mortgage Capital LLC. Grander Mortgage Capital LLC has retained GIM as sole asset management partner, and pays an AUM-based management fee to GIM quarterly.

- Grander Mortgage Opportunity Funds (variously, “Grander Funds”) are limited partnerships set up from time to time to fund the acquisition of MSR assets by Grander Mortgage Capital LLC. Investors purchase LP interests.

- Grander Mortgage Capital LLC (“GMC”) is a state licensed and agency approved seller-servicer which operates as the master servicing entity for Grander. While GMC has the ability to originate, it does not intend to do so, nor does it intend to directly service any loans – it simply seeks to own and manage the financial risks associated with MSR assets to deliver targeted returns to its LP investors. From a legal ownership perspective, GMC is owned via an indirect holding company by its principals, Robert Williams and Curtis Whitaker

- RMS Asset Management LLC (“RMS”) offers a turn-key solution for servicer surveillance to oversee and manage residential assets including MSRs, sub and non-performing residential mortgage loans, residential business loans, single family rentals and REO. RMS will be responsible for all key day to day operational needs of GMC. Powered by RMS’ proprietary and revolutionary web-based search and analysis engine called Mortgage Market Management, or M3, RMS will provide compliance, diligence, asset management, systems, and accounting functions for GMC.

Key Personnel - Management

Jack Getzelman
is the President of Grander Mortgage Capital LLC (“GMC”), the licensed entity operating as the master servicing entity for GIM Jack is also the Chief Executive Officer of Residential Mortgage Solution LLC ("RMS"), whose affiliate RMS Asset Management provides operational support for GMC. Since co-founding RMS in 2003, Mr. Getzelman has held responsibility for RMS' operational, strategic, financial and administrative activities. Mr. Getzelman has more than 30 years of experience in the investment banking and finance services industry. Before establishing RMS, he was Managing Director of Credit Suisse First Boston, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc. and NatWest Markets. Mr. Getzelman earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Claremont McKenna College.

Peter Freilinger
is the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Grander Mortgage Capital LLC, and Chief Investment Officer of Grander Investment Management, the asset manager which oversees the sourcing, pricing, portfolio management, and hedging of our MSR assets. Peter is a seasoned investment management and banking professional with over 20 years of experience in the industry. For the past six years, Peter has served as an advisor and strategist for a range of financial services companies in the US, UK, and Canada, including developing a new MBS and CMO trading operations for a large regional bank, establishing a concentrated counterparty risk management framework for a federal regulatory agency, and developing a strategic business model for a fintech startup focused on the SME sector. Peter is also a principal in an investor group exploring bank acquisition opportunities. Peter served has also served in executive roles in treasury with Barclays Bank plc in London; ATB Financial in Edmonton, Alberta; and Washington Mutual in Seattle. Peter began his career at Barclays Global Investors, managing over $30 billion in structured products portfolios including agency and non-agency MBS, ABS, and structured securities and currency arbitrage strategies. Peter is a graduate of Harvard University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Tom Mykityshyn
is the Head of Marketing and Investor Relations for Grander Investment Management. Tom is an accomplished capital markets and business development professional with a deep background in fixed income capital markets. Prior to Grander, Tom was Senior Managing Director, Head of Money Market Sales for NEX Markets PLC where he initiated and cultivated relationships with corporate and bank treasurers, money funds, asset managers and hedge funds. Tom was Managing Director at Guggenheim Securities, focused on structured credit sales and capital raising for existing and de novo platforms. Prior to that, he was a Managing Director at Calyon Securities, Inc., responsible for marketing fixed income products in North America. Tom was Head of Capital Markets Sales at Toronto Dominion, responsible for institutional structured credit distribution in North America. Tom was a Director with Deutsche Bank, as part of a team which formed the RMBS, CMBS, and ABS businesses, and was one of the early pioneers of the firm’s Relationship Management business. Tom received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Seton Hall University where he currently sits on the Leadership Advisory Board for the W. Paul Stillman School of Business.

Eddy Kup
is the head of Capital Markets for Grander Mortgage Capital LLC. Eddy is also Managing Director of Trading and Analytics of Residential Mortgage Solution LLC (“RMS”). Mr. Kup has over 25 years of experience in investment banking and the financial institutions industry. Prior to co-founding RMS in 2003, Mr.Kup was an investment banker with Credit Suisse First Boston, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc. and National Westminster Bank Plc. During his investment banking years, Mr. Kup focused on advising financial institutions, developing special expertise in public and private equity offerings, high-yield and convertible debt issuance. Mr. Kup holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

David Sanders
is the CTO of Grander Mortgage Capital LLC. David is also the Director of Technology of Residential Mortgage Solution LLC. Mr. Sanders is a senior executive with over eighteen years’ experience providing leadership as a senior executive within the Information Technology arena. Prior to joining RMS, Mr. Sanders was senior executive on staff as a Chief Technology Officer of Vital Assets Inc, with responsibility for Information Technology Management. David has a multi-disciplined approach as a cross-functional integrator providing direct experience to solutions. A leader in creating broad based comprehensive business solutions. Directs large-scale projects within dynamic multi-task environments. Skilled at evaluating results and adjusting outcome. Experienced in coordinating divergent factions into a well-organized harmonious operation. Knowledgeable about technologically related management issues, quantitative analysis, process, and assembling milestones. Manages intellectual property and core competencies within the organization. Involved in the leadership of consulting projects in several of the largest organizations in North America, including IBM, Oracle, and NASA. As Chief Technology Officer, David is the chief liaison between the customer team and the technical team, ensuring technical and budgetary missions are achieved.

Rafael Uribarre
is Chief Compliance Officer for Grander Mortgage Capital LLC. Ralph brings over 30 years of experience focused on mortgage risk, compliance, and quality control for servicers and originators. Prior to joining Grander, Ralph has served as Director of Loan Administration, Compliance, and Quality Control for Springboard CDRFI, a nationwide non-profit mortgage lender, and as QC and Compliance Director for Intercap Funding, a nationwide FNMA/FHLMC/GNMA seller-servicer managing origination and servicing risks for the company. He has also served as underwriter, branch manager, and project manager for a variety of financial institutions. Ralph also serves as Director of Risk at Home123 Mortgage, a recapture partner for Grander. He is based in Los Angeles, California.

Erica Liu
is the Controller of Grander Mortgage Capital LLC. Erica is also the Corporate Controller of Residential Mortgage Solution LLC (RMS). Erica is responsible for accounting, regulatory compliance, and administrative functions. Prior to becoming the Corporate Controller of RMS, Erica was in charge of various accounting and reporting tasks in the Accounting Department of RMS. Ms. Liu earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Managerial Economics from the University of California, Davis.

Key Personnel

Robert Williams, CFA
is the Co-Founder and Director of Grander Private Equity, and is a member of the board of directors. Robert has nearly 25 years of experience in banking, mortgage banking and corporate treasury. Prior to founding Grander in 2017, Robert was with Walter Investment Management Corp (NYSE: WAC). Robert served as Chief Financial Officer of their private mortgage REIT (Walter Capital Opportunities Corp). Robert served as the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of New Residential Mortgage Corp (NYSE: NRZ) during the IPO and was in charge of building out the corporate infrastructure to support the requirements of a public mortgage REIT. Prior to NRZ, Robert was Vice President at Occidental Petroleum from April 2009 until December 2012. Robert previously served as Treasurer of Washington Mutual from February 2005 until October 2008 and as President of Washington Mutual Inc. from October 2008 until May 2012. Prior to joining Washington Mutual, Robert was a Senior Vice President with SunTrust and served in multiple capacities from January 1985 until January 2005. Robert holds a B.S. in science from Clemson University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Furman University. Additionally, he holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Curtis Whitaker
is the Co-Founder and Director of Grander Private Equity. Curtis began his career working with Economist, Dr. Donald Ratajczak, Director of the Economic Forecasting Center, where he assisted in the The National Economic Forecast and the State forecast. Following, he then worked with SunTrust Bank (NYSE:STI) for 15 years, Inc. in SunTrust's Portfolio Administration Department, assisting in the formulation and implementation of investment strategies for the $9 billion portfolio of SunTrust's affiliate banks. In addition, he worked on the mortgage trading desk prior to becoming an institutional salesperson. David remained a Director in Institutional Sales assisting financial institutions with portfolio and balance sheet recommendations for numerous years and became Managing Director of SunTrust Capital Markets. Curtis was instrumental in initiating the Trust Preferred effort at SunTrust where his group issued more the 2.5 Billion in Trust Preferred Securities for financial institutions where they were a leader in the industry. In, 2008 Mr. Whitaker joined FTN Financial (NYSE: FHN), as Senior Vice President. FTN Financial is one of the largest regional broker dealers in the country where he is assisting financial institutions implementing portfolio and balance sheet strategies to help maximize earnings and mitigate interest rate risk. FTN Financial is the number one underwriter of US callable agency debt for the Government Sponsored Enterprises ( GSE’s). Curtis received his BBA from Georgia Southern University and his MBA in Corporate Finance from Georgia State University.


Grander is now actively bidding and purchasing MSR assets; both in bulk purchase markets but also in flow markets, targeting community and regional banks and regionally focused specialty mortgage originators who are looking to optimize capital by selling their servicing rights while retaining customer relationships. We are targeting an organic growth path over the next two years to grow into a $250-$500 million. Grander will aim to be opportunistic in the bulk purchase market, but our focus is in being a trusted partner for mortgage market participants seeking to optimize capital while growing their customer platform.


Grander purchased its first pool of FHLMC servicing that settled in June 2021.


Well diversified geographic distribution.


Projected returns are enhanced by favorable loan characteristics.

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Various Locations

We are a master servicer, housing all state and federal licenses and permits, and responsible for subservicer oversight and compliance

Low Level Tracking

We provide loan-level tracking, subservicer data and oversight services

Grander Holdings

Is the single named owner of GMC, enabling multiple funds to participate in MSR investments via differential LP interests which pass through segregated income from GMC

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Our Support team is always ready to help you solve any MSR issue.

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Registered clients can edit their MSR investment account settings using our advanced technology.

Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR)

MSR Primer

Mortgage servicing rights, (MSR) represent the right to receive all cash flows from a mortgage on behalf of the investors and entities that own the ultimate rights to principal and interest. MSR assets or negatively correlated to other fixed income investments. Mortgage prepayments decline as rates rise, extending the value of the servicing rights on MBS bonds- increasing MSR valuations and adding portfolio alpha. The Grander team has deep experience in managing operations and servicing teams to extract additional value from portfolios. Today's servicing market has become constrained due to fewer servicers and concentration among larger banks- making yields historically compelling in today's marketplace

MSR Investing Chain of Flow

- Sourcing
- Diligence and on boarding
- Modeling and Pricing
- On Boarding
- Compliance
- Sub servicer oversight
- Portfolio pricing, monitoring and surveillance
- Statements and Accounting
- Financing

Investor FAQ

Grander team has deep experience in managing operations and servicing teams to extract additional value from portfolios. Today’s servicing market has become constrained due to fewer servicers and concentration among larger banks – making yields historically compelling in today’s marketplace

License Information

NMLS 1065200

State Licenses:

Arizona Mortgage Servicer License #119252; Washington DC Mortgage Lender License #MLB 1065200; Georgia Lender License/Registration #38719 Illinois Residential Mortgage License MB.6761055; Iowa Mortgage Banker License 2013-0079; Kansas Mortgage Company License MC.0025660; Kentucky Mortgage Company License MC425586; Louisiana Residential Mortgage Lending License Non Assigned; Michigan 1st Mortgage Broker/Lender/Servicer Registrant FR0018855; Missouri Mortgage Company License 1065200-S; Montana Mortgage Servicer License 1065200; Nebraska Mortgage Banker License NE1065200; New Hampshire Mortgage Servicer License 18505-MS; Oregon Mortgage Servicer License MS-182; South Dakota Mortgage Lender License 1065200.ML; Texas SML Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer Registration Non Assigned; Washington Consumer Loan Company License CL-1065200; West Virginia Mortgage Lender License ML-1065200; Wisconsin Mortgage Banker License 1065200BA


Grander Mortgage Capital, LLC is licensed by the Arkansas Securities Department and any complaints concerning Grander Mortgage Capital, LLC may be directed to the Arkansas Securities Department. Listed below are the address, telephone number, fax and website information for the Arkansas Securities Department. Heritage West Building, Suite 300, 201 East Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-1692; http://www.securities.arkansas.gov/page/365/mortgage-loan-how-to-file-a-complaint


For licensing information, go to: www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org. The primary regulatory authority having jurisdiction over Grander Mortgage Capital, LLC is: Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation. Address 320 West Washington Street, Springfield, IL 62786 Toll Free Consumer Hot Line: 1-800-532-8785


COMPLAINTS REGARDING THE SERVICING OF YOUR MORTGAGE SHOULD BE SENT TO THE DEPARTMENT OF SAVINGS AND MORTGAGE LENDING, 2601 NORTH LAMAR, SUITE 201, AUSTIN, TX 78705. A TOLL-FREE CONSUMER HOTLINE IS AVAILABLE AT 877-276-5550.A complaint form and instructions may be downloaded and printed from the Department's website located at www.sml.texas.gov or obtained from the department upon request by mail at the address above, by telephone at its toll-free consumer hotline listed above, or by email at smlinfo@sml.texas.gov.

If you are in the State of Washington you may contact HUD at 1-877-894-HOME (4663) to find a HUD approved counseling agency near you.

RESPA Disclosure:


Please note, RESPA (12 U.S.C. Section 2605) provides you certain consumer rights. If you send a notice of error or request for information (including a qualified written request) to your loan servicer regarding the servicing of your loan, your servicer must provide you with a written acknowledgment within 5 days (excluding legal public holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays) of receipt of your request.

Response Time Frame for Notice of Error:

Your loan servicer must make any appropriate corrections to your account, and must provide you with a written clarification regarding any dispute within the following time limits:

Not later than seven days (excluding legal public holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays) after the servicer receives the notice of error for errors related to the failure to provide an accurate payoff balance.

Prior to the date of a foreclosure sale or within 30 days (excluding legal public holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays) after the servicer receives the notice of error, whichever is earlier, for errors asserted related to dual tracking.

For all other asserted errors, not later than 30 days (excluding legal public holiday, Saturdays, and Sundays) after the servicer receives the applicable notice of error. After receipt of a notice of error, your servicer may not, for 60 days, furnish adverse information to any consumer reporting agency regarding any payment that is the subject of the notice of error. However, this does not prevent the servicer from initiating foreclosure if proper grounds exist under the mortgage documents, except with regard to notices from you related to initial foreclosure filings or motions for foreclosure judgments or sales.

Response Time Frame for Request for Information:

Your loan servicer must respond to your request for information within the following time limits:

Not later than 10 days (excluding legal public holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays) after the servicer receives an information request for the identity of, and address or other relevant contact information for, the owner or assignee of a mortgage loan; and For all other requests for information, not later than 30 days (excluding legal public holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays) after the servicer receives the information request.

The notice of error or request for information must be written correspondence (other than notice on a payment coupon or other medium supplied by the servicer) that includes, or otherwise enables the servicer to identify, the name and account of the borrower, and includes a statement of the reasons the borrower believes the account is in error, if applicable, or that provides sufficient detail to the servicer regarding the information being sought by the borrower. Please note, a notice of error or request for information is not considered timely if the written correspondence is delivered to Grander Mortgage Capital, LLC or the prior servicer who receives the request for information or notice of error more than 1 year after either the date of transfer of servicing or the date the mortgage servicing account was discharged (either paid in full, or discharged through foreclosure or deed in lieu of foreclosure or short sale without full satisfaction of the underlying contractual obligation.) ​